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12:30 PM

Unicorn Cafe

Before your bicycle tour Bangkok departs, there is the possibility to have some refreshments at Unicorn Cafe (also the meeting point). Food starts from THB 35 (rainbow cakes from THB 75 and unicorn desserts from THB 150) and drinks start from THB 15 (try the rainbow frappé!). Make sure you arrive in time to check out the quirky interior of one of Bangkok’s weirdest themed cafes. You can also get your unicorn on by dressing up as unicorn and taking some cool selfies. There is free wifi available to share your unicorn photos with the world.

12:45 PM

Check-In & Briefing

Your guide checks you in and informs you about the tour itinerary. Your guide also provides you with instructions about how to earn discount by posting on your social accounts.

01:30 PM

Robot Building

Bangkok has an odd love for buildings that ‘look like things’. The Robot Building features a body and a face with eyes all screwed together playfully with giant bolts. Discover the practical functions of the building’s features that contribute to its robotic appearance.

02:00 PM

Graveyard Park

Cycle past tombs and sing a song in an odd but little known cemetery that has been converted into a public park with open air karaoke bars and an outdoor gym – a very unusual graveyard experience!

02:30 PM

Boat Temple

On the bank of the river, shortly before ships reached Bangkok, was a Burmese village that had a market for trading water buffalo. During four months in the year, two lines of sixty to eighty Chinese junks moored in the river here, forming two lines in a huge floating bazaar. The Boat Temple, one of Bangkok’s oddest temples, reminds how Siam’s good fortune was achieved. Learn about life at the floating towns while releasing animals at the temple.

02:45 PM

Ghost Tower

Learn about the creepy facts of the Ghost Tower, the most notorious of all ghost buildings that can still be found throughout the city, even twenty years after the Asian Financial Crisis. The building, set on an ancient burial ground, lies in an area of riverbank that has played a significant role in Bangkok’s history, and in particular of the Chinese community.

03:00 PM

Hangover Part II Filming Location

See the Ghost Towers’s twin, where the famous scene from the Hangover Part II got filmed in which Chow got arrested. Learn why its Greco-Roman architecture can be found throughout Thailand while cycling through a small area of land on the riverbank in which three religions are living peacefully together within one minute’s cycling distance from each other.

03:15 PM

One of Bangkok's Oldest Mosques

Visit the graveyard behind the mosque build by the son of an Indonesian trader and try some fresh milk from the goats that wander in its garden-like setting.

03:30 PM

Bangkok's Most Exciting Ruin

Cycle past the first luxury hotel in Siam, before visiting the Catholic community that owes its origins to French missionaries and that has grown up around Thailand’s third oldest school. Nearby is also Bangkok’s most exciting ruin, another building giving the area a “European” atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the city. The building that is now crumbling away was built to collect duties on all goods coming in and out of Siam by ship and served as backdrop for several films, among which The Killing Fields.

03:45 PM

Street Art

During those years when Bangkok was opening to Western trade, most of the European nations along with the Americans had their consulates along this stretch of Bangkok’s first paved road, and the incoming ships would moor alongside their own embassies. At the former site of the British Consulate stands now Thailand’s second post office, around which some of the city’s best street art can be discovered, painted during the most recent edition of Bangkok's own street art festival.

04:00 PM

Oily Car Parts Alleys

Cycle through streets lined with stacks of oily metal. The fascinating district specializes in repairing dirty machine parts and wrecked cars.

04:15 PM

Royal Execution Temple

Learn how criminals of noble birth were beaten to death at the temple’s “execution stone” and why their sacred blood could not touch the soil. Your guide also shows you the monkey’s drug dealing intersection from the Hangover Part II.

04:30 PM

Five Star River Views

Enjoy five star river views and get one of those iconic Bangkok city shots.

05:30 PM

Coffin Temple

Donate a coffin to the poor at the Coffin Temple and burn your donation receipt in the neighbouring Tiger Shrine to make sure your generosity is noticed in the next world. The shrine is managed by a Chinese charitable association that provides emergency services to people involved in accidents. Learn about their controversial method and why this regularly leads to midnight gun battles. Get to know Bangkok at its most bizarre and contradictory.

05:45 PM

Cow Shrine

Make merit by feeding the cattle at the Cow Shrine.

06:00 PM

Evaluation & Goodbye

Evaluate your bicycle tour Bangkok and say goodbye to your guide and the other travellers in the group. Your guide helps you to get back to your accommodation or any other place you would like to go from MRT Sam Yan Station.

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    • Tour may be cancelled in the event that the number of participants is smaller than 3
    • Pax Restrictions

    • Biking: Moderate amount (16 km)
    • Specific Activity Instruction

    • Although we cycle a route that avoids nearly all traffic (90% of the route is through alleys and back alleys with limited or no traffic), it cannot totally be avoided that we sometimes have to cycle along a busier road. In that case, we cycle on the pedestrian pathway if possible. Follow the instructions of the guide, who indicates where to turn left and right, and inform the participants immediately in front of you (who on their turn inform the guide) in case you are behind and need assistance. The guide checks at every major turn if the group is still complete and waits if travellers are lagging behind.
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Your Professional Local Guides

  • Jo

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Jo grew up in a Sino-Thai family and is proud of the unique Thai culture. She is a regular temple visitor, loves street art, and also enjoys bird watching.

  • Kes

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Kes grew up in a Chinese community in the Yannawa District. She likes history, temples, and Buddha images. She can also speak Mandarin and basic German.

  • Oom

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Oom is very energetic and knows a lot of ghost stories and Thai superstitions. She grew up in a Thai Buddhist family and is also regular temple visitor.

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What Customers say

  • Bangkok is really rich in culture and has a great history. I recommend this to all the artistically-inclined people out there and also all those who love aesthetics.

    Nana C. Art & Design Lover, Malaysia
  • The tour is perfect for those who want to see a lot of Bangkok's culture without paying a big price. We visited a lot of heritage sites that is really filled with history.

    Oliver S. Budget Traveler, Scotland
  • Beautiful! This tour is really informative and is perfect for history buffs like me. I took a lot of videos, so make sure to bring your gadgets fully charged.

    Mika S. History Buff, Japan



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