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12:30 PM

Maidreamin (MBK Center)

Before your Bangkok city tour departs, there is the possibility to have some refreshments at Maidreamin at the 7th floor of MBK Center (also the meeting point). Prices start from THB <> for food and THB <> for drinks. Make sure you arrive in time to enjoy the shows the maids dressed in corsets in typical Japanese Lolita style put on. Entrance fee, shows and a photo with the maids are included in the tour price. There is free wifi to share your cute maid photos and videos with the world.

12:45 PM

Check-In & Briefing

Your guide checks you in and informs you about the tour itinerary. Your guide also provides you with instructions about how to earn discount by posting on your social accounts.

01:15 PM

Fox Cafe

Hold and play with exotic furry animals that are left to roam around the space of this Japanese-style cafe freely. The cuddly creatures, among which several exotic species of cats, a chihuahua, guinea pigs and two foxes (an Arctic and a fennec fox, the world’s smallest), have been trained to stay in an enclosed space. Enjoy a drink while watching the Greater Egyptian Jerboa (mice that look like rabbits) run around in their room. For THB <> per group of maximum <> people it is also possible to play with the raccoon for <> minutes in its lodge.

02:00 PM

Human Body Museum

Visit an exhibition of real human bodies that offers an unique opportunity to have a detailed look at the complex structures within your body. Although gross to some, this is really how your body looks like from inside. Besides complete bodies, there are also body parts on display: smoker lungs, reproductive organs, placentas and foetuses. If that is not weird enough, then you can always hold a real human brain.

02:15 PM

Bizarre Bakery

Try some Thai deserts, made of egg-waffle-like dough, flavoured with green pandanus leaves and coconut and fried.

02:30 PM

Hello Kitty House

The terribly cute and very pink Hello Kitty House resembles a luxurious English mansion and has three floors dedicated to all things Kitty, such as kitty shop and kitty spa on the ground floor and two floors of kitty cafe. Take a photo in the pink kitty car and understand why Thai cherish cuteness so much.

03:00 PM

Street Art

Discover some of the city’s best street art, painted during the first edition of Bangkok’s own street art festival. Expect to see the work of some of the world’s most famous street artists from Thailand and Europe, among which a mural based on the Ramakien, Thailand’s most traditional folk legend.

03:30 PM

Caller Man

Witness the special Islamic call to prayer by the Muslim community’s muezzin and learn the rites he performs while preparing for the prayer call. If lucky, you also see Bangkok’s noodle man drying his longevity noodles outside his home, which from start to finish take two days to complete.

03:45 PM

Railway Slum & Markets

Walk through the city’s wholesale clothes market and past a railway slum while peaking into locals’ homes. You also visit an abandoned movie palace, one of Thailand’s most luxurious ones in its time, but now home to dozens of migrant workers who work in the neighbourhood’s famous fruit market. Discover a variety of exotic fruits you have never seen before, among which giant jackfruits.

04:45 PM

Boat Ride Through Canal

Take a boat ride through a canal, dug by Cambodian prisoners of war and once infamous for its flourishing sex trade on floating brothels, that runs straight across Bangkok – through shanty towns, banks overgrown with banana trees, crossed by traffic-choked bridges, flanked by embassies, shopping malls and slums. This typical “Bangkok” experience does not only give you a great slice of its life, it also rewards you with experiencing a hidden side to the city you would not have seen using other transport routes.

05:15 PM

Penis Shrine

Learn about the different functions of penis-shaped talismans, from fooling bad spirits to blessing prostitutes visited, while visiting Bangkok’s (in)famous Penis Shrine, a garden of fertility where would-be mothers present oversized variant of them in request or thanks to the shrine. The shrine is located on the grounds of the hotel where “Kill Bill” actor David Carradine was found naked, hanging in his hotel room. Hear the rumours that have circulated about his death ever since, including the popular but baseless theory that he was attacked by a gang of violent ‘ladyboys’.

05:45 PM

Erawan Shrine

With the 2015 deadly Bangkok blast fresh in our minds, the Erawan Shrine is guaranteed to impress. Understand why the bombers specifically targeted this popular shrine, dedicated to the four-faced Hindu god Brahma. Learn also why many Thai think Brahma was behind the 2010 political riots and how an investment in the shrine after a series of freakish accidents helped it gain a reputation for granting wishes. Classical dancers at the shrine thank the god for fulfilling worshippers’ wishes.

06:00 PM

Evaluation & Goodbye

Evaluate your Bangkok city tour and say goodbye to your guide and the other travellers in the group. Your guide helps you to get back to your accommodation or any other place you would like to go from Chit Lom BTS Station.

Useful Facts

  • Inclusions
    • Fees
    • Entrance Fees
    • Food & Drinks
    • Beverages
    • Bottled Water
    • Snacks
    • Guides
    • Admission Ticket
    • Professional Local Guide
    • Miscellaneous
    • Live Entertainment
    • Tour Type
    • Small-group Tour
    • Walking Tour
  • Exclusions
    • Food, drinks and meals
    • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
    • Drinks and food at meeting point (optional)
    • Items
    • Playtime with the animal(s) in the glass room at the Fox Cafe (check possibility and costs with your guide during the tour)
    • Transportation
    • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Additional Info
    • Age Restrictions

    • Adult pricing applies to all travelers
    • Confirmation

    • Auto Confirm
    • Dress code

    • Clothing that covers your shoulders. Good walking shoes are also recommended.
    • Language

    • English
    • Minimum Pax

    • Tour may be cancelled in the event that the number of participants is smaller than 3
    • Pax Restrictions

    • Walking: Moderate amount (5 km)
    • Specific Activity Instruction

    • Photography at Maidreamin is restricted (no photos of the maids, except for a group photo)
    • Photography in the Human Body Museum is not permitted
    • The animals at the Fox Cafe rotate all the time, so there cannot be given any guarantees about the animals that you will see during the tour. When interacting with the animals, please be warned about the wild nature of these species. Even though the animals have been trained to stay in an enclosed space, for them to be exactly like dogs and cats as house pets would be difficult.
    • Weather

    • Subject to conditions
  • Local Transport
      • Bus
      • Van
      • Songthaew
      • Metro
      • Skytrain
      • Train
      • River Express Boat
      • Cross River Ferry
      • Longtail Boat
      • Taxi
      • Tuk Tuk
      • Motorbike
      • Rickshaw
      • Bicycle
      • Walking

Your Professional Local Guides

  • Fayol

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Fayol knows her way around the markets and restaurants in the city. She also has stories about Buddhas all over Thailand.

  • Mayji

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Mayjii grew up in a Buddhist family. She loves swimming, singing, and travelling. She is interested in Thailand's history and all its beautiful places.

  • Peach

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Peach is friendly and open minded. She is an expert about Thainess and also knows a lot about LGBT culture and sex tourism. She also speaks Korean.

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