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03:30 PM

Viva 8 Bar

For your street food tour Bangkok, you need to be at 3:30 PM at Viva 8 Bar, the bar and grill known for throwing an outdoor block party in the middle of JJ Market. Make sure you arrive in time to be entertained by their singing chef, whose Spanish paella dish has reached celebrity status amongst Chatuchak veterans. Drinks start from THB 40.

03:45 PM

Check-In & Briefing

Your guide checks you in and informs you about the tour itinerary. Your guide also provides you with instructions about how to earn discount by posting on your social accounts.

04:00 PM

Siamese Fighting Fish

Visit Chatuchak Market’s exotic fish and aquarium supplies section while learning all about Siamese fighting fish, one of the most popular species in the worldwide aquarium trade used as combatants in gambling matches all over Southeast-Asia. The fish that can breath air and live out of the water is highly aggressive and territorial, but strikingly beautiful. Learn about their complicated sex lives and why the Bettas as they are also called are in trouble in Thailand.

04:15 PM

Chatuchak Market's Pet Section

Thai keep all sorts of animals as their pets and you can all but the larger ones buy at Chatuchak Market’s exotic animal section. In addition to the traditional cats, dogs, rabbits and birds, they also keep cavies, squirrels, chinchillas, hedgehogs, fennec foxes, otters, prairie dogs, snakes, turtles, lizards, and even larger creatures like deers, lions, tigers and bears. Find out how big pets are in Bangkok (hint: there is an explosion of internet pet celebrities and pet cafes, of which also one at JJ Market) while also learning the downsides of the Thai newfound love for having animals.

04:45 PM

One of the World's Best Wet Markets

Visit one of the best wet markets in the world for street food eats and an authentic Thai market experience. This high-end farmer’s market recently ended up just behind Barcelona’s La Boqueria at No.1, Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market and New York’s Union Square Farmer’s Market for its perfect produce, displays of exotic fruits and vegetables that are unique to Thailand. Walk through its vegetable, meat and seafood section before tasting some bizarre fruits.

05:00 PM

Bizarre Fruits

One of the best reasons to come to the upscale market is to eat the king of fruits, the fruit that everyone loves to hate. Your guide makes sure you get a proper introduction to the fruit that can cost up to THB 10,000 per piece, which is a crisper, less pungent and unripe starter version. The king of fruits, a warming fruit, is eaten together with the queen of fruits, a cooling fruit. After having tasted these two complimentary fruits, try another bizarre fruit that looks like an alien’s intestine but that is super healthy for you. The fleshy inside of the fruit that looks like it will kill you is blended with passion fruit for the best possible taste.

05:15 PM

Bangkok's Best Isan Food

Try Thailand’s national dish, Thai-style papaya salad or som tam, from Bangkok’s best Isan stall in a food court filled with Thai specialties. Auntie Jai is very famous and she is always busy, as evidenced by the crowds. Depending on group size, you also get to taste her famous smoky and flavourful chicken, together with sticky rice. Her chickens have been marinated in herb for more than 2 hours before being grilled on charcoal.

05:30 PM

Amulet Market

Visit a market specializing in magical amulets, said to protect the wearer against – for example – AK-47 gunshots. Learn the ins and outs of the multi-billion baht trade in natural oddities, penis charms and foreign fetishes and discover why you should never wear an amulet when having sex.

06:00 PM

Vintage Hipster Market

Buy vintage goods such as old-skool polaroids, Tamagotchis and Gameboys, toys, candies, home decor items, cassettes and movie posters. This market is a hipster’s paradise and a must-go spot for lovers of the classic and antique. After filling your stomach with vintage style kanom krok and charging you up with a refreshing drink, do not miss all the vintage furniture stores along with classic bikes!

07:30 PM

Michelin Star Restaurant

Taste the Michelin star restaurant’s famous BBQ pork buns, which are out of this world. Light and airy, with a delicate texture and a crunchy sweet glaze that goes oh so well with the tender, moreish pork morsels inside, they truly are a feat of high-end dim sum design. But also other dishes are made with the same precision and high-quality ingredients as the pork buns. The must-tries apart from the baked buns are the fluffy steamed egg cake and the steamed radish cake, which deliciously and deceptively contain bits of pork. The benefit of going in a small tour group is that you can try pretty much everything that looks interesting to you. Although the menu is fairly heavy on pork, there are plenty of seafood options for halal eaters, such as addictive prawn dumplings with wasabi sauce.

08:15 PM

American-Style Dirty Hands Seafood

Enjoy a bucket of gloriously messy pour-on-the-table seafood. The finger-lickin’ sets, which include shrimps, prawns, octopuses, squid, mussels, clams, scallops and/or crabs and potato and corn, are spread out on paper mats and eaten with your hands. It’s very much like communal dining, except a little bit messier. The food is not only great, but it is also great fun!

08:45 PM

Another Hipster Market

Explore another vintage hipster market and shop for second-hand vintage clothes. Vintage and antique goods offer nostalgic turns with all the vintage toys from childhood memories. Beside shopping, you can get a haircut in “vintage street” style at one of the barber shops.

09:00 PM

Evaluation & Goodbye

Evaluate your street food tour Bangkok and say goodbye to your guide and the other travellers in the group. Your guide helps you to get back to your accommodation or any other place you would like to go from Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station.

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    • Photography in the Chatuchak Market’s Pet Section is not permitted
    • The food we taste at most places is suitable for both vegetarians and Muslims. Only the pork buns (and perhaps another dish or two) at the Michelin Star Restaurant are not suitable for aforementioned persons. There are vegetarian options available that you can try instead.
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Your Professional Local Guides

  • Fang

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Fang loves wakeboarding and is also a beach lover. She loves street art and shopping, she knows her way around the weekend markets and murals in the city.

  • Ice

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Ice is an open minded person and loves to meet new people. He knows a lot about the Thai sex industry and he can tell you all you need to know.

  • Mayji

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Mayjii grew up in a Buddhist family. She loves swimming, singing, and travelling. She is interested in Thailand's history and all its beautiful places.

  • Tong

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Tong likes art and cooking. She loves showing Thai beliefs as well as some food that is interesting to tourists. She also loves going to JJ Green Market.

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What Customers say

  • Great food! Great ambiance! Perfect for those who want to find something out of the ordinary.

    Diana K. Foodie, Ireland
  • Great food! Great ambiance! Perfect for those who want to find something out of the ordinary.

    Diana K. Foodie, Ireland
  • I love everything about this tour! We saw a lot of vintage finds plus we got to dine beside vintage cars! Perfect for those who have an old soul.

    Mao D. Trendster, China



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