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07:30 AM

BTS Sanam Pao

You need to be at 07:30 AM at exit 2 of Sanam Pao BTS station. Make sure you arrive on time, because once the last bus is full, it will be gone.

07:45 AM

Check-In & Briefing

Your guide checks you in and informs you about the tour itinerary. Your guide also provides you with instructions about how to earn discount by posting on your social accounts.

08:00 AM

Bus to World's Largest Buddhist Temple

Take a bus full of chanting nuns all dressed in white to the world’s largest Buddhist temple. The 80-acre complex draws up to 100,000 worshippers on Sundays.

09:00 AM

Southeast Asia's Largest Market

Before you visit the world’s largest Buddhist temple, you first stop at Southeast Asia’s largest wholesale food market. It has a flower, fruit, vegetable, seafood and – sorry vegetarians – meat section, among others. The looks on the faces of the migrant workers after seeing some white faces are priceless.

10:15 AM

UFO Temple with 300,000 Buddhas

Walk around the huge other UFO Temple, built to last for thousand years. Its golden roof, reminiscent of a flying saucer, is made up of 300,000 titanium and gold plated bronze Buddha statues and its meditation ground is big enough for one million people to meditate together at one time. Learn why they specifically chose concrete and precious metals for its construction and the role ancient structures and civilizations played in this decision.

10:30 AM

World's Largest Meeting Room

Join the other worshippers during their morning meditation session in the world’s largest meeting room. The room resembles a huge aircraft hangar and is able to hold 200,000 worshippers at any time.

11:00 AM


Enjoy a delicious Thai lunch together with the other worshippers. You can choose between several options.

11:15 AM

Another UFO Temple

Enter the memorial hall (a strict dress code applies!) and discover how the UFO Temple looks from the inside. The structure contains meditation rooms and a solid gold statue of the “cult’s” founder. Before traveling to the Hell Temple, you also get to see the very unusual monk quarters in which the 1500 resident monks live.

12:45 PM

Hell Temple

Visit one of Thailand’s “hell temples”, where gruesome statues act out the various punishments waiting for sinners in the afterlife. As opposed to other hell temples, the statues are not placed in a garden, but in winding and dimly lit caverns under the temple proper. Walking through a gigantic mouth leads to the “House of Horrors”, where the gory scenes in which adulterers are being sawn in half and drunkards are being ripped apart by demons can be seen. The temple, which also has its own helicopter and cattle, is bizarre enough to count among the highlights of any trip to Bangkok

01:45 PM

Flying Foxes

See hundreds of flying foxes hanging head down from several trees at a house in the countryside. The flying fox, whose face looks like a fox, is the world’s largest bat with a wingspan of up to 1m.

02:30 PM

Bangkok's Coolest Floating Market

Visit Bangkok’s coolest floating market, designed to evoke the feeling of a simple lifestyle from the past when boats were the only mode of transport and life revolved around rice farming. See kangaroos, prairie dogs, giant turtles and sheep with four horns and feed alpacas and mini ponies.

03:00 PM

Boat Restaurant

Sample some of the unique specialties the market’s vendors sell from out of boat restaurants.

04:00 PM

Evaluation & Goodbye

Evaluate your temple tour Bangkok and say goodbye to your guide and the other travellers in the group. Your guide helps you to get back to your accommodation or any other place you would like to go from Wat Sriboonreung Pier.

04:15 PM

Airplane Graveyard (Optional)

Explore an abandoned Boeing 747 in the middle of a suburb in Bangkok. Why is it there? To whom does it belong? Find it out on our temple tour Bangkok. The entrance fee for the airplane graveyard (THB 200) is not included in the tour price.

05:00 PM

Batcat Museum (Optional)

Visit Thailand’s largest toy museum, one of the biggest collections of its kind in the world and a pilgrimage site for superhero and vintage toy enthusiasts from Thailand and beyond. Venture into the “Batcave” through Star Trek-style sliding doors that open with a swoosh, where a maze of dark and cavernous display rooms are packed with 50,000 pieces of toy history, among which also high-tech Batmobiles and planes. Pow! Bang! Biff! The entrance fee for the Batcat Museum (THB 250) is not included in the tour price.

06:00 PM

Boat Ride back to Bangkok (Optional)

After the Batcat Museum, your guide helps you to go back to your accommodation or any other place you would like to go from The Mall Bangkapi Pier. Take a boat ride through a canal that runs straight across Bangkok – through shanty towns, banks overgrown with banana trees, crossed by traffic-choked bridges, flanked by embassies, shopping centres and slums. The ride straight through the metropolis does not only give you a great slice of its life, it is also one of Bangkok’s most unmissable public transport experiences.

Useful Facts

  • Inclusions
    • Food & Drinks
    • Beverages
    • Bottled Water
    • Lunch
    • Snacks
    • Guides
    • Admission Ticket
    • Professional Local Guide
    • Tour Type
    • Small-group Tour
  • Exclusions
    • Fees and charges
    • Entrance Fees (THB 200 for the Abandoned Boeing 747 and THB 250 for the Batcat Museum)
    • Food, drinks and meals
    • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
    • Transportation
    • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Additional Info
    • Age Restrictions

    • Adult pricing applies to all travelers
    • Confirmation

    • Auto Confirm
    • Dress code

    • Clothing that covers your shoulders and most of your legs. If you have a choice, we recommend you to wear white, both for your shirt and your pants. To be allowed inside the Ufo Temple, you MUST wear a white shirt that covers your shoulders and navel and a white pants that covers your full legs. Please click here for the full dress code requirements to be allowed inside the Ufo Temple.
    • Language

    • English
    • Minimum Pax

    • Tour may be cancelled in the event that the number of participants is smaller than 3
    • Specific Activity Instruction

    • Photography at the World’s Largest Buddhist Temple is restricted (not permitted inside the Ufo Temple)
    • Weather

    • Subject to conditions
  • Local Transport
      • Bus
      • Van
      • Songthaew
      • Metro
      • Skytrain
      • Train
      • River Express Boat
      • Cross River Ferry
      • Longtail Boat
      • Taxi
      • Tuk Tuk
      • Motorbike
      • Rickshaw
      • Bicycle
      • Walking

Your Professional Local Guides

  • Amm

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Amm loves to travel with family and friends. She practices meditation and knows a lot about Wat Phra Dhammakaya and all the controversies surrounding it.

  • Boss

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Boss spends a lot of time visiting temples in Thailand. He also knows Samut Sakhon & Samut Songkhram inside out. He speaks English and a bit of Chinese.

  • Kes

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Kes grew up in a Chinese community in the Yannawa District. She likes history, temples, and Buddha images. She can also speak Mandarin and basic German.

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This tour departs on

Weekends08:00 AM


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What Customers say

  • The tour was very accommodating, especially to those interested in meditating and finding inner peace. They have a lot of activities and is a must for Buddhists.

    Min X. Spiritual Seeker, China



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