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07:30 AM

Starbucks Yodpiman River Walk

Before your Bangkok sightseeing tour departs, there is the possibility to have some refreshments at Starbucks at Yodpiman River Walk (also the meeting point). Prices start from THB 30 for food and THB 55 for drinks. Whether you choose to eat something here already or that you wait with this until the (free) breakfast at the Sikh Temple, make sure you arrive in time to check out the river views from the second floor of the venue.

07:45 AM

Check-In & Briefing

Your guide checks you in and informs you about the tour itinerary. Your guide also provides you with instructions about how to earn discount by posting on your social accounts.

08:00 AM

Flower Market

Taste some drinks made from flowers while experiencing the hustle and bustle of one of Bangkok’s most beautiful markets. Learn why Thais traditionally grow their plants in pots and what beliefs govern the position of plants in Thai gardens.

08:30 AM

Bangkok's Strangest Mall

Visit a department store that was once Bangkok’s finest, but that is now its creepiest and most mystifying shopping experience. What has not been sold decades ago, is still on display, and for sale. Most people have never seen a place like this before.

08:45 AM

Breakfast at Sikh Temple

Enjoy a delicious communal Indian breakfast together with the local Sikh community. The blessed food is eaten cross-legged on the floor. Around the temple there is Indian music, the smells of Indian spices and cooking and a variety of textiles and garments for sale.

09:15 AM

Betel Nut Maker

Learn how to make the popular betel nut, which – after tobacco, alcohol and caffeinated drinks – is the fourth most commonly used psychoactive substance. Try the sweet betel nut yourself, with or without tobacco.

09:45 AM

Crocodile Temple

See the temple’s huge crocodiles, descendants from the ones that once terrorized swimmers in the river. Find out what other wildlife still lives in Bangkok’s canals and the rivers around the city, from piranhas to huge stingrays of up to 4m long. In a nearby canal there can also water monitor lizards be spotted, dinosaur-like creatures measuring up to 2m long.

10:15 AM

Weapon Stores

See the eighty or so weapon stores where both Thais and foreigners, but no tourists, can buy weapons such as AK47’s. Learn how the law prevents poor people from buying guns and why many foreigners – although technically possible – do not buy guns in Thailand.

10:30 AM

Old School Thai Tea

Try Thai tea in a shop that remains completely unchanged since the day it opened more than a century ago. The shop was one of the coolest hangouts in town for young people shopping in the main shopping district of Bangkok right up until the 1930s, the Siam Square of its day.

10:45 AM

Prison Park

Learn about Thai prison life while walking through a park that was once a high security prison. At ‘Cell Block 9’, your guide shows you – through photos – the various bloody ways prisoners were punished. The usual favorite is the giant rattan “football” with inward pointing nails, which was kicked around by elephants while the prisoner was locked inside.

11:00 AM

Hell Murals

See hell murals and discover what punishments sinners await in the afterlife in one of the biggest, holiest, most beautiful and undertouristed temples in Thailand. Inside Thailand’s biggest chapel, there is not only the largest surviving seated Buddha image of its time, but inside the country’s largest ordination hall there is also a Buddha image cast from the tin and lead of opium baskets seized from drug lords.

11:15 AM

Giant Swing

Learn about the bizarre and dangerous game for which this archway was originally built, but which was discontinued after too many of its participants had died.

11:30 AM

Buddha Factories

See how Thailand’s Buddha images are being made while walking past backstreet Buddha factories. Learn how Thais offer with Karma in mind and what is being done with the surplus of monk baskets donated to monks on their morning rounds.

12:00 PM

Monk's Bowl Village

Observe the process of hammering monk’s bowls together in the only remaining village that handcrafts such bowls and learn why each bowl is made from eight sections of metal.

12:30 PM

View From Golden Mount

Enjoy panoramic views across the city from the top of Golden Mount, the only hill in the city. From here you can also see the world’s only surviving metal castle and the Angels’ Temple, the only temple in Thailand honouring female monks.

01:00 PM

Evaluation & Goodbye

Evaluate your Bangkok sightseeing tour and say goodbye to your guide and the other travellers in the group. Your guide helps you to get back to your accommodation or any other place you would like to go from Phanfa Bridge Pier.

Useful Facts

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    • Beverages
    • Bottled Water
    • Breakfast
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    • Guides
    • Admission Ticket
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    • Tour Type
    • Small-group Tour
    • Walking Tour
  • Exclusions
    • Food, drinks and meals
    • Refreshments at meeting point (optional)
    • Transportation
    • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Additional Info
    • Age Restrictions

    • Adult pricing applies to all travelers
    • Confirmation

    • Auto Confirm
    • Dress code

    • Clothing that covers your shoulders and most of your legs. Good walking shoes are also recommended as well as a hat to protect against the sun.
    • Language

    • English
    • Minimum Pax

    • Tour may be cancelled in the event that the number of participants is smaller than 3
    • Pax Restrictions

    • Walking: Moderate amount (6 km)
    • Specific Activity Instruction

    • Photography in the Sikh Temple and Buddha factories is not permitted
    • Weather

    • Subject to conditions
  • Local Transport
      • Bus
      • Van
      • Songthaew
      • Metro
      • Skytrain
      • Train
      • River Express Boat
      • Cross River Ferry
      • Longtail Boat
      • Taxi
      • Tuk Tuk
      • Motorbike
      • Rickshaw
      • Bicycle
      • Walking

Your Professional Local Guides

  • Bee

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Bee enjoys boat riding along Chao Phraya and visiting museums when she has free time. She also plays badminton and is also interested in Thai history.

  • Jo

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Jo grew up in a Sino-Thai family and is proud of the unique Thai culture. She is a regular temple visitor, loves street art, and also enjoys bird watching.

  • Oom

    Working Days

    M T W T F S S

    Oom is very energetic and knows a lot of ghost stories and Thai superstitions. She grew up in a Thai Buddhist family and is also regular temple visitor.

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What Customers say

  • A very rich experience that doesn't cost a lot! Totally worth every penny you spend. I recommend this to those who want to see a quiet and spiritual side of Bangkok.

    Priya K. Budget Traveler, Malaysia
  • We visited a lot of nice, peaceful places. Keep in mind the dress code because we mostly went to temples. It was a very spiritual experience even for those who lived in Bangkok their whole life and is best for people who want to enrich their soul.

    Jessica A. Local Culture Lover, Australia



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