Bangkok Sightseeing Tours

Discover your bangkok experience
Weekdays  08:00 AM 05hrs

Bangkok Buddha District $25

See the sights others miss in Bangkok's main sightseeing district on our Bangkok sightseeing tour

  • Breakfast at Sikh Temple
  • Crocodile Temple
  • Weapon stores
  • Prison Park
Weekdays  09:00 AM 04hrs

Chinese Bangkok $25

Explore Chinatown's backalleys and learn about Chinese culture on our half day Bangkok walking tour

  • Mummified monk
  • Royal Execution Temple
  • Hangover Part II filming locations
  • Gambling God Shrine
Weekdays  12:00 PM 07hrs

Wakeboarding Bangkok $45

Learn how to wakeboard on our Bangkok one day tour to a canalside village outside Bangkok

  • Big Floating Buddha
  • Ancient Market & towed boat bridge
  • Thailand’s largest reclining
  • Wakeboarding
Weekdays  01:00 PM 05hrs

Weird Wonderful Bangkok $35

Discover the hidden gems the modern city of Bangkok has to offer on our Bangkok one day city tour

  • Maid Cafe
  • Fox Cafe
  • Human Body Museum
  • Hello Kitty House
Weekdays  01:00 PM 05hrs

Where Bangkok Began $35

Bike along Bangkok's river to experience "European" Bangkok on our Bangkok bicycle tour

  • Unicorn Cafe
  • Robot Building
  • Graveyard Park
  • Ghost Tower
Weekdays  03:00 PM 04hrs

Jungle In Bangkok $30

Bike through Bangkok's jungle to get a taste of Thai country life on our Bangkok bicycle tour

  • Haunted Canal
  • Bangkok's most beautiful park
  • Mushroom farm
  • Abandoned Temple
Weekends  07:00 AM 12hrs

Train to Maeklong $75

Take a train to Thailand's smallest province to see some of its very ususual markets

  • Buddha wearing sunglasses
  • Maeklong Railway Market
  • Swimming monkeys
  • Wakeboarding
Weekends  08:00 AM 08hrs

Bangkok Heaven Hell $65

Bring a visit to Buddhist heaven and hell in one single day

  • Southeast Asia's largest market
  • UFO Temple
  • Hell Temple
  • Flying foxes
Weekends  10:00 AM 06hrs

Venice of Bangkok $70

Travel by boat and see some of the most bizarre things Bangkok has on offer

  • Amulet Market
  • Museum of Death
  • Swan Barge Temple
  • Coffin sleep ritual & floating
Weekends  12:00 PM 07hrs

The Bangkok Sea $55

Travel by boat to the Sunken Village to witnesss the consequences of man's greed with your own eyes

  • Rabbit Cafe
  • Flying foxes
  • Forts with ghost cannons
  • Temple in the Sea


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