Asia’s most consistently exciting city is much visited, but little understood. Our tours help you understand Bangkok better while visiting the city's lesser known places.
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Unique Experiences

We are the first and only tour operator of its kind in the world. You will not find anything similar.

More Value for Less

Our starting prices are the lowest in the industry. See more for less on quality tours in any category.

Earn & Save Money

Make others jealous by bragging about your experiences on social media. Earn discount and commission by doing so.

What we cannot do for you

We are not your typical tour operator. We do not take you to places listed in the Lonely Planet and on Trip Advisor. Other tour operators can do that for you. And just because we do not take you there does not mean it is not worth doing. Go and see the Grand Palace. Shop till you drop in glossy malls. Party on Khao San Road (if you have not already). But you do not need us for that.

What separates us from the rest

You need us to see sides of the city that might otherwise be overlooked: places and perspectives most tour operators leave out, have never heard of or assume you cannot be bothered to try and reach. Each stop has been selected because it reveals something about the essential nature of Bangkok, and the strange, sometimes secret, things that make it the unique place that it is. Bangkok has no shortage of interesting experiences to share.

You also need us to experience the magic what it is to be Thai. Never colonised, Thai culture retains nuanced ancient meaning in the most ordinary things. The days are colour coded, lucky numbers dictate prices, window grilles become guardian angels and tattoos entrance the wearer. We help you to understand the deeper meaning behind these things, how Thai people think, and more.

Our tours

We drag you out of the usual tourist comfort zones and send you – while taking you by the hand and leading you all the way – across the city, deep into the suburbs, up rivers and down dark alleyways. You are guaranteed to see something – something – that you have never seen before.

Our customers

If you have read this far we are assuming you already have something of an adventurous nature. You do not mind catching the local bus or eating from street stalls. You are in able to get to the meeting point on your own and you are prepared to scratch beyond the surface. But most importantly of all, you have an open mind.

Our website

This website is just here to get you started. It was a labour of love, and we hope that you can see that love pouring off every web page. It is a celebration of a city we love, one whose abundant weirdness is what makes it so special. Every traveller has their own Bangkok. We hope that this website will help you to uncover yours – or at least inspire you to get out with us and start looking.

What Customers say

  • This tour is beautiful, we got to experience lunching on a restaurant in the sea for a reasonable price. Food plus the sea, it can't get any better than that!

    Sara J. Tasmania, Australia
  • What I learned from this tour is that Bangkok can cater to everyone's needs, whatever it is. There is also no discrimination, which is what I love the most.

    Kakashi K. Honshu, Japan
  • This tour is perfect for those who dont mind being in a very crowded place. Expect a lot of walking, and dont stray too far from the guide because streets are really narrow and its easy to get confused. A non-expensive way to experience China in Bangkok

    Zhang W. Sichuan, China
  • The tour was very accommodating, especially to those interested in meditating and finding inner peace. They have a lot of activities and is a must for Buddhists.

    Min X. Hainan, China
  • A very rich experience that doesn't cost a lot! Totally worth every penny you spend. I recommend this to those who want to see a quiet and spiritual side of Bangkok.

    Priya K. Selangor, Malaysia

Our Guides


Amm loves to travel with family and friends. She practices meditation and knows a lot about Wat Phra Dhammakaya and all the controversies surrounding it.


Bee loves showing people the bizarre side of Bangkok. She has always wanted to see things off the beaten track and also has an interest in arts and crafts.


Bee enjoys boat riding along Chao Phraya and visiting museums when she has free time. She also plays badminton and is also interested in Thai history.


Beer loves cycling. She knows how to deal with Thai street dogs. She knows a lot about flora and fauna and knows the Bang Krachao area very well.


Boss spends a lot of time visiting temples in Thailand. He also knows Samut Sakhon & Samut Songkhram inside out. He speaks English and a bit of Chinese.


Cherry loves travelling, photography, interacting with people, and telling stories. She is an entertainer and loves to show off Bangkok and Thailand


Fang loves wakeboarding and is also a beach lover. She loves street art and shopping, she knows her way around the weekend markets and murals in the city.


Fayol knows her way around the markets and restaurants in the city. She also has stories about Buddhas all over Thailand.


Ice is an open minded person and loves to meet new people. He knows a lot about the Thai sex industry and he can tell you all you need to know.


Jo grew up in a Sino-Thai family and is proud of the unique Thai culture. She is a regular temple visitor, loves street art, and also enjoys bird watching.


Kes grew up in a Chinese community in the Yannawa District. She likes history, temples, and Buddha images. She can also speak Mandarin and basic German.


Mark loves to cook and knows a lot of Thai dishes. He is also a frequent temple-goer and is also very familiar with weekend markets around Thailand.


Mayjii grew up in a Buddhist family. She loves swimming, singing, and travelling. She is interested in Thailand's history and all its beautiful places.


Mook knows a lot about Bangkok's bizarre side. She knows Chinatown inside out, and a lot of Thai museums and temples and has a lot of stories to tell.


Oom is very energetic and knows a lot of ghost stories and Thai superstitions. She grew up in a Thai Buddhist family and is also regular temple visitor.


Peach is friendly and open minded. She is an expert about Thainess and also knows a lot about LGBT culture and sex tourism. She also speaks Korean.


Polly loves to visit temples and be surrounded by nature. She has visited the rural side of city and can also show you more of the Bangkok's ecotourism.


Poojah is a natural entertainer. She knows all things hip retro, and vintage. She loves both singing and dancing, and has a lot of stories about Thailand.


Su came from a Sino-Thai family. He likes to entertain, meet, exchange, and share ideas and knowledge about Thailand's weird side with every tourist.


Tong likes art and cooking. She loves showing Thai beliefs as well as some food that is interesting to tourists. She also loves going to JJ Green Market.

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