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Tours and Categories

Discover your Bangkok experience

Jungle in Bangkok

Bike through Bangkok's jungle to get a taste of Thai country life on our Bangkok bicycle tour. Learn about the HAUNTED CANAL’s horrifying mysteries of the past ∙ Cycle through BANGKOK'S MOST BEAUTIFUL PARK ∙ Taste mushroom juice and jelly at the MUSHROOM FARM ∙ See erotic murals inside an ABANDONED TEMPLE ∙ Enjoy a sundowner with jungle views at the BANGKOK TREE HOUSE

Venice of Bangkok

Travel by boat and see some of the most bizarre things Bangkok has on offer. See the mummy of Thailand's most notorious serial killer at the MUSEUM OF DEATH ∙ See a faceless albino fish at the BIZARRE ANIMAL MUSEUM ∙ Participate in the COFFIN SLEEP RITUAL ∙ Learn about 'supernatural' child angel dolls at the HOUSE OF HAUNTED DOLLS ∙ Get served by robots at the ROBOT RESTAURANT ∙ Spot Hitler and Osama Bin Laden at the WOOD CARVED TEMPLE

Weird Wonderful Bangkok

Discover the hidden gems the modern city of Bangkok has to offer on our Bangkok one day city tour. Live out your fantasies at a MAID CAFE ∙ Hold a real human brain at the HUMAN BODY MUSEUM ∙ Act cute at the HELLO KITTY HOUSE ∙ Explore a MUSLIM SLUM ∙ Pray for a baby at the PENIS SHRINE ∙ Learn about the curse of the ERAWAN SHRINE

The Bangkok Sea

Travel by boat to the Sunken Village to witnesss the consequences of man's greed with your own eyes. See rabbits doing tricks at the RABBIT CAFE ∙ See thousands of FLYING FOXES at Butterfly Island ∙ See the remains of the SUNKEN VILLAGE and its TEMPLE IN THE SEA ∙ Eat delicious seafood at the RESTAURANT IN THE SEA ∙ Explore a GIANT WARSHIP ∙ Walk through the tunnels of a FORT WITH GHOST CANNONS

Vintage Dining Bangkok

Eat your way through Bangkok while exploring the city's vintage hipster markets.

Enjoy the good vibe and beats at the SINGING CHEF ∙ Try a very spicy salad at the SEXY SOM TAM stall ∙ See snakes and alligators at CHATUCHAKS ANIMAL SECTION ∙ Visit the artsy CONTAINER MARKET ∙ Sample food at VINTAGE HIPSTER MARKETS ∙ Eat at a MICHELIN STAR RESTAURANT

Heritage Tours

Where Bangkok Began

Bike along Bangkok's river to experience "European" Bangkok on our Bangkok bicycle tour .

Take selfies at the UNICORN CAFE ∙ Photograph the ROBOT BUILDING ∙ Cycle past tombs at the GRAVEYARD PARK ∙ Learn about the history of the famous GHOST TOWER ∙ Release animals at the BOAT TEMPLE ∙ Cycle through OILY CAR PARTS ALLEYS

Night Tours

Red Light Bangkok

Get introduced to Bangkok's "seedy underbelly" on our Bangkok night tour to its red light districts.

Learn how to spot a transgender at a LADYBOY BAR ∙ See women in burqa at BANGKOK'S LITTLE ARAB ∙ Get drunk at BANGKOK'S CRAZIEST GO-GO BAR ∙ Donate a coffin to the poor at the COFFIN TEMPLE before feeding the cattle at the COW SHRINE ∙ Discover the bizarre bars of Bangkok's GAY RED LIGHT DISTRICT ∙ See a spectacular fight of MUAY THAI INSIDE A GO-GO BAR

Sightseeing Tours

Bangkok Buddha District

See the sights others miss in Bangkok's main sightseeing district on our Bangkok sightseeing tour.

Travel to the past at BANGKOK’S STRANGEST MALL ∙ Eat breakfast with the local Sikh community at the SIKH TEMPLE ∙ See live crocodiles at the CROCODILE TEMPLE ∙ Learn about Thai gun law while shopping at WEAPON STORES ∙ Discover how prisoners were punished at the PRISON PARK ∙ See Buddhist HELL MURALS inside one of Thailand’s holiest temples

Temple Tours

Bangkok Heaven Hell

Bring a visit to Buddhist heaven and hell in one single day. Visit SOUTHEAST ASIA's LARGEST MARKET ∙ Meditate with up to 100,000 others all dressed in white at the UFO TEMPLE ∙ Learn about the punishments sinners await in Buddhist hell at a HELL TEMPLE ∙ See FLYING FOXES at Bangkok’s countryside ∙ Visit Bangkok’s coolest FLOATING MARKET ∙ Meet the people living in an ABANDONED BOEING 747 in the middle of a Bangkok

Train Tours

Train to Maeklong

Take a train to Thailand's smallest province to see some of its very ususual markets. See Thailand’s only BUDDHA WEARING SUNGLASSES ∙ Feed bananas to SWIMMING MONKEYS ∙ Try the local style of WAKEBOARDING ∙ Witness the MAEKLONG RAILWAY MARKET's folding umbrellas when a train passes through ∙ Visit the TEMPLE IN THE TREE ∙ Explore the AMPHAWA FLOATING MARKET

Walking Tours

Chinese Bangkok

Explore Chinatown's backalleys and learn about Chinese culture on our half day Bangkok walking tour.

See the naturally MUMMIFIED MONK of Chinatown ∙ Visit the ROYAL EXECUTION TEMPLE and its execution stone ∙ See HANGOVER PART II FILMING LOCATIONS such as the monkey’s drug dealing intersection ∙ Pray for good luck in gambling at the GAMBLING GOD SHRINE ∙ Find out how the PROSTITUTION TEMPLE got its name ∙ Donate a coffin to the poor at the "BODY SNATCHER" TEMPLE

Water Sport Tours

Wakeboarding Bangkok

Learn how to wakeboard on our Bangkok one day tour to a canalside village outside Bangkok. Cuddle with cats at a CAT CAFE ∙ Cross a TOWED BOAT BRIDGE at an ANCIENT MARKET ∙ Touch the heart and intestines of THAILAND'S LARGEST RECLINING BUDDHA ∙ Learn how to WAKEBOARD ∙ Dine at either the FLYING CHICKEN RESTAURANT or the WORLD'S LARGEST RESTAURANT

What Customers say

  • This tour is beautiful, we got to experience lunching on a restaurant in the sea for a reasonable price. Food plus the sea, it can't get any better than that!

    Sara J. Tasmania, Australia
  • What I learned from this tour is that Bangkok can cater to everyone's needs, whatever it is. There is also no discrimination, which is what I love the most.

    Kakashi K. Honshu, Japan
  • This tour is perfect for those who dont mind being in a very crowded place. Expect a lot of walking, and dont stray too far from the guide because streets are really narrow and its easy to get confused. A non-expensive way to experience China in Bangkok

    Zhang W. Sichuan, China
  • The tour was very accommodating, especially to those interested in meditating and finding inner peace. They have a lot of activities and is a must for Buddhists.

    Min X. Hainan, China
  • A very rich experience that doesn't cost a lot! Totally worth every penny you spend. I recommend this to those who want to see a quiet and spiritual side of Bangkok.

    Priya K. Selangor, Malaysia

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